Victoria Park – First Impressions

29th April 2016

Writing Extracts from Pavilion Cafe Residency

We’re a little over six weeks into our residential at the Victoria Park Pavilion and it’s safe to say that we already have enough material to not only meet our remit of a-cup- of-tea- long audio experience, but a six-part comedy drama drenched in heart and hilarity.

Said residential is a project set up by Super Slow Way to bring artists into Victoria Park and engage with it’s users to create a piece of work which we can then hand back to the community. And the journey thus far has been nothing short of inspirational.

Mark Melville and Lee Mattinson Victoria Park Pavilion Cafe ResidencyWithin seconds of entering the building Petra and her dedicated team of volunteers made us feel so at home that we were already dreading the project end date when we would have to moonwalk back out of their lives. The Victoria Park Pavilion is a building stitched together with real love that shines from the faces of everyone and anyone that walks through the door. And the engagement that we’ve experienced within the past six weeks has our creative juices running at a pace akin to the lost Lancashire looms.

Between Pearl’s pearls of wisdom and Yvonne’s African crocodile wrestling, Dusty being mugged by a scurry of squirrels and the cheese he feeds to the crows, Mick Jagger’s visit to the chip shop and how many metres of material it takes to run up a dress for the Imperial Ballroom on a Saturday afternoon, we couldn’t have come across many more glistening tips of any more interesting icebergs.

Lee Mattinson and Louie Ingham with park and cafe regulars Graham and DustyAs we continue our fortnightly trips to the park, it’s a world that continues to surprise and humble, a landscape littered with as many characters as ‘witches knickers.’ And following todays orientation of the lake – which was only tainted by our devastation that the cheese and onion pie had sold out – an audio excursion which is as honest and hardy as it’s residents is beginning to take almighty shape.

Watch this space for future blog updates as we continue to engage with a world that it seems unthinkable that we will ever be able to disengage from.

Lee, Louie and Mark.

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