Forthcoming Events


22nd July 2019

Open Call from Generation Change

We are Generation Change - a group of 18-22 year olds in Burnley who want to use our voice to make a change in our local area, through a new creative commission
15th July 2019

Banner Culture

Share your messages of protest, hope and allegiance with us.
10th July 2019

Connecting Industries

Blog post number 9 from artist Claire Wellesley-Smith & the Local Colour group
2nd July 2019

The Double Negative Review

Siobhan Forshaw visits Reetu Sattar & Madiha Aijaz film installations in Burnley & Nelson
27th June 2019

Last weekend to see Reetu Sattar’s ‘Lost Tune’

Based in Thompson Park pavilion in Burnley
13th June 2019

Generation Change: A new project from Super Slow Way and Blaze

Are you aged 16-25? Want to collaborate with professional artists and run your own events?
6th June 2019

A Bicentenary

Blog post number 8 from artist Claire Wellesley-Smith & the Local Colour group
4th June 2019

Burnley Canal Festival takes a 2019 break but plans an ambitious return

Organisers of Burnley’s annual Canal Festival announce that the very popular, award- winning event will not take place this year.
15th May 2019

A Steiner Walk

Blog post number 7 from artist Claire Wellesley-Smith and the Local Colour group
10th April 2019


A new play from the people of Lancashire
4th April 2019

Talking Textiles

Local Colour blog post 6 by Claire Wellesley-Smith
2nd April 2019

Madder Roots and Acid House Witch Trials

Dr Stephen Pritchard's second blog about his experiences of being a “properly critical critical friend” for Creative People and Places project, Super Slow Way
19th March 2019

Provocation by Uzma Raziq

Creative People and Places symposium in Luton
5th March 2019

Madder Connections

Local Colour blog post 5 by Claire Wellesley-Smith
31st January 2019

Digging Deeper

Blog post number 4 from artist Claire Wellesley-Smith
29th January 2019

Make Work

The latest blog from artist Jamie Holman
11th December 2018

Armistice Day at Elmfield Hall

The latest blog from the Local Colour group and artist Claire Wellesley-Smith
11th December 2018

Artlands: sharing knowledge, trading resources, exchanging gifts

Jenny Rutter and Amanda Smethurst tell us about their trip to Australia to share Creative People and Places learning and practice