Super Slow Way aims to spark a creative revolution in Pennine Lancashire. We are working with communities along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, connecting people with local, national and international artists and commissioning projects that allow for collaboration, exploration of new ideas and experimentation with innovative approaches.

The Island of Mill Hill

Anthony Schrag is working with the people of Mill Hill to investigate what it means to be a 'Mill Hiller'.

Super Slow Way: A Rhapsody to the Leeds & Liverpool Canal

A specially commissioned Rhapsody by composer Ian Stephens featuring a libretto by Ian McMillan will be coming to Blackburn this Autumn.

Beyond Labels: In Young Men’s Shoes

Young men at Hollins Technology College are exploring issues of identity with a variety of artists.

Shapes of Water, Sounds of Hope

US artist Suzanne Lacy is working with the people of Pendle to create a mass participation artwork at Brierfield Mill in September.

idle women

idle women's floating arts centre for women and girls will be visiting sites along the canal in Pennine Lancashire throughout 2016.


Artist Najia Bagi is working with the young people at Nightsafe in Blackburn to explore their relationships and ideas of identity.

Cataloguing Padiham

Harriet Lawton is collaborating with Gawthorpe Hall and Padiham residents in a series of workshops, culminating in a label trail through Padiham in summer 2016.

Creative Support

Artist Cath Ford is working with Creative Support at the BB1 for Life cafe in Blackburn.

Verd de Gris – Voluntary Carers in Care Homes Service and Carers Trust Dementia Project

Verd de Gris is working with two carers groups in Blackburn in a series of creative workshops.

Melville & Co – Victoria Park Community Café, Nelson

A collective of artists are investigating the stories, memories and lives of the people who visit Victoria Park.

Men Who Care

Artist William Titley is working with male carers in collaboration with Carer's Link.