Homegrown Homespun

Do you want to support the creation of new green spaces? Do you want to meet people who share your passion for sustainability and to learn traditional skills?

If so, we want you to join us in a ground-breaking sustainable fashion project, happening right here in Blackburn, where we become the first town in modern times to grow its own clothes!

We plan to turn unused land in the town into a field of flax and woad. From the flax we’ll spin and weave linen, and from the woad we’ll make natural indigo dye. We will use this to make denim and some great sustainable clothing as well as making new habitats for wildlife and improving our outdoor spaces. We’re looking for volunteers to help us with the whole process from sowing the seeds during the spring to harvesting our flax and woad in the autumn. We will then be using ancient methods of preparing and extracting the linen and the indigo and learning how to spin, weave and dye the cloth. If this is something you would like to help with.

Homegrown Homespun is a collaboration with designer Patrick Grant, his social enterprise Community Clothing, The Super Slow Way and North West England Fibreshed

ON FRIDAY 23RD APRIL we will be sowing the flax seed and there will be an opportunity to speak to experts about how this crop is grown and find out about how you can get involved:

Jan’s Conference Centre, Higher Audley Street, BB1 1DH
Parking available on site.
Please wear a face mask and maintain social distancing rules.

If you would like to join us please call or email : Uzma: 07922 487950 / uzma@superslowway.org.uk

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