Growing, Planting and Eating

Food growing along the canal

Growing, planting & eating in many ways may already happen along the canal, on purpose or organically. Our Homegrown/Homespun project started in 2021 successfully produced a field of flax some of which was woven into a beautiful piece of linen cloth (the first in over 100 years!) and we are now about to plant a further two fields both in Blackburn.

We now want to build upon this with food growing, working sustainably alongside local partners and people. We’ve already planted a fruit orchard at Daneshouse Park in Burnley which in a few years’ time will bear fruit, to be used & enjoyed by the community.

The Good Life project in Nelson will be running a variety of pop up growing and food workshops, engaging with the community to explore how the natural environment can be utilised, and how food production can become local and sustainable.  Alongside local partners & people, and through a range of methods, such as arts for wellbeing workshops we hope The Good Life, its plants and produce become more visible to the local community. The sessions will allow people to find pleasure in nature, gain valuable skills & become more aware of local food systems, and the opportunity the canal and open spaces around its corridor provide for growing.

Artist Hannah Fincham will be running a project exploring the foraging potential of the canal encouraging people to use ‘natures larder’.

In addition, we will be sharing knowledge & encouraging growing right the way along the canal and at our four hubs, working alongside the likes of Blackburn Food Resilience Alliance, artists, foragers and more, ‘eating the canal’ becoming a reality.