Amy Pennington and Heritage Envelopes

Setting herself at the heart of communities, whether long-established or those that coalesce fleetingly around organisations and institutions, artist Amy Pennington makes people the core part of her practice. Often using such mediums as performance, drawing, film, events and conversations, she works with accessible materials such as cardboard to bridge high and low art, while also having turned walls, shops and arcade machines into socially-engaged artworks. Collaborating with Pennington. Heritage Envelopes in Blackburn join the Art In Manufacturing series for the first time. Producing 50 million envelopes a week from their Blackburn factory, the UK production facility is part of a global brand operating across 50 sites in 23 countries. Specialists in printed envelopes for business as well as retail stock for high street stores and people’s personal letters, the company is an undetectable presence in many households every day and offers rich vein of inspiration to their artist collaborator.  /