Super Slow Way is an arts commissioning programme in Pennine Lancashire shaped by local communities working alongside a wide range of local, national and international artists and producers. Super Slow Way takes its name from a poem by Ian McMillan, the Canal & River Trust’s poet laureate for 2012, about the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, which runs across the area the programme serves.


The vision is for the canal to become a vehicle for bringing communities together on a waterway which everyone shares, exploring how radical and ambitious art programming by the people of Pennine Lancashire can develop creativity, strength and connectedness across and within communities.


A Steiner Walk

Blog post number 7 from artist Claire Wellesley-Smith and the Local Colour group


A new play from the people of Lancashire


Talking Textiles

Local Colour blog post 6 by Claire Wellesley-Smith

Madder Roots and Acid House Witch Trials

Dr Stephen Pritchard's second blog about his experiences of being a “properly critical critical friend” for Creative People and Places project, Super Slow Way


Provocation by Uzma Raziq

Creative People and Places symposium in Luton

Madder Connections

Local Colour blog post 5 by Claire Wellesley-Smith