The Leeds & Liverpool Canal powered the Industrial Revolution
in Pennine Lancashire.

200 years on from the canal’s birth we want to stage a new creative revolution, this time powered by art and people.


Meet Our Artists – Alwin Reamillo

Alwin Reamillo is a Philippine artist who has come to Burnley to work with Action Factory and the Canalside Community Centre, and is working on a floating sculpture to be launched in October.

Huge banquet to be held at Brierfield Mill with Suzanne Lacy

US artist Suzanne Lacy, in collaboration with Super Slow Way and In-Situ, is holding a huge banquet in the former Smith & Nephews Mill in Brierfield to celebrate the mill's history and look to its future.


Reflections on Shapes of Water, Sounds of Hope

Elena Adorni, our Community Commissions Assistant, who has recently moved to Pendle, worked with filmmaker Graham Kay to interview over 50 people from the community for Suzanne Lacy's major project, Shapes of Water, Sounds of Hope. Here she shares her reflections on the time she has spent in the mill and with the people who are so connected to it.
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