Debbie Smyth – A Little Bird Told Me…

Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery

7th September– 11th November (Weds – Sat 12 – 4.45pm)


For Fabrications, Debbie delves into the archives of Blackburn museum’s collection; the renowned beetle collection, the dedicated bird gallery and Japanese wood block prints, as well the captivating studies, expressive mark-making and beautiful sketches of the wildlife artist Archibald Thorburn.

GNH - 15

Much time will be spent selecting, studying and sketching artefacts and objects that inspire her with the intention that the results will inform a site-specific installation. Looking at the Watercolour Gallery space like a giant sketchbook. Each of the walls will be like extensions or enlarged versions of select pages of her sketchbooks.

Debbie will also experiment with mark making techniques used in weaving combined with her own signature pin and thread drawing style. Traditional entomology aesthetics will also be echoed throughout the work she produces.

Holy Cow GNH 12 GNH - 11 Ferris Wheel 52x52cm +  Be Free 96x80cm