Sunday Best – Cerise Ward, Helen Oxley and Clare Evans

Brierfield Town Hall

Sunday 24th – Saturday 30th September



Making and producing is in the blood of our multicultural communities, Sunday Best takes us on a journey through Pendle’s clothing history capturing personal recollections of style and dress from residents recalling their memories of fashion from the early 1950’s to the late 1980s.

The charming and insightful stories came as a result of months of 1:1 recording sessions in homes, workplaces, day care centres, colleges and schools, where people told their sometimes humorous or hard won clothing histories.

These stories became a social commentary on fashion choices bespoke to the Pendle area brought to life in an archive collection. Sunday Best stands not only as a fashion archive but a reminder of Pendle’s colourful, inventive and creative spirit.

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