Suzanne Lacy – The Circle and The Square

Northlight (Brierfield Mill) and Brierfield Town Hall

Friday 15th – Saturday 23rd September
4pm – 7pm  Monday – Friday
10am – 4pm  Saturday – Sunday


This new film installation is the result of artist, Suzanne Lacy working with the people of Pendle, Lancashire, exploring the cultural and spiritual backgrounds of the community and the socio-economic circumstances that brought them together and now seemingly conspire to drive them apart.

The Circle and The Square is a moving testament to this process that culminated last year when, over three days in September 2016, the community came together to film themselves in the huge empty spaces of Brierfield Mill where many used to work. The production was a distillation of two years of community conversations and collective chanting and singing that ended in the largest gathering in the mill since its doors were closed.

Using the two vocal forms of Shape Note singing and Sufi chanting, the installation includes multi-vocal conversations about the past, present and future of the region following the demise of the textile industry and will be accompanied by presentations of Shape Note, Dhikr, Nasheed and mill ballads.

Also visit the fantastic new project resource room at Brierfield Town Hall that charts the histories of the area and its communities and tells the story of the project through films and books.


DSC_27055789 (1)

Picture Credit Charlotte Graham / Guzelian Picture Shows, SUZANNE LACY’S SHAPES OF WATER, SOUNDS OF HOPE Major mass participation artwork taking place in the former Smith and Nephew Mill in Brierfield, Lancashire, UK. The culmination of US artist Suzanne Lacy’s 18 months commission, Shapes of Water, Sounds of Hope for Super Slow Way, saw hundreds of voices resonate in a former cotton mill in Lancashire. This was followed by a conversation over dinner for 500 local people about the future of the region after deindustrialisation and the importance of community cohesion, representing a much needed national conversation and the largest gathering in the mill since its doors were closed. Picture Taken Saturday 1st 2016

Picture Credit Charlotte Graham / Guzelian