St Silas CE Primary School

Bristol-based artist Marina Moreno is spending this academic year with St Silas CE Primary School in Blackburn. She will be staging creative interventions in the school and working with the children on photography, dance, drama, drawing, yoga and much more.

Marina, from Italy, is an interdisciplinary artist and is working with the children of St Silas where she hopes to get to know the existing interests of the children and community to expand their skills and creativity.

The residency compliments the school’s involvement in the Slow Education initiative, which helps teachers and children create deep learning experiences by putting time for curiosity, play and reflection at the heart of learning.

One of her first acts as resident artist was to set up a bed in the hallway at the school, dressed as a panda, which surprised the children on her first day! She is also planning on installing a sofa, on which the children will be able to draw and doodle when they have sessions with her, in which they will share personal stories and talk about things that are important to them.