Eating the Canal

A selection of downloadable resources: Learn about, map and cook with the wild edible and medicinal plants that grow along the Leeds & Liverpool canal around Burnley.

Over the spring of 2022, artist Hannah Fincham worked with a group of interested residents to explore and learn about the wild edible and medicinal plants that grow along the Leeds and Liverpool canal around Burnley. Together they sought out and mapped the hidden secrets to be found in many of the common “weeds” that grow along the towpath, to explore what these wild strips could mean to our communities.

There are a variety of free downloadable resources and recipe cards below.

From the initial exploratory walks they created a collaborative map of their findings which you can download here.

Note from the artist:

I have been on too many foraging walks where it feels like I might have well just been reading a guidebook aloud to myself. And I’m not sure that’s the best way for information to lodge in the memory. Instead these workshops will create more personal interactions with the landscape for everyone involved. And out of those interactions we will gather what we think is important as a group to share further amongst friends and the wider community, more deeply embedding the meaning of the plants to the place.

Full individual recipe cards are avilable below, click to open enlarged PDF’s.