Pendle Festival of Culture and Peace Walk

The major event of the calendar year involves Pendle Communities coming together in solidarity and celebration of Art and Culture. Bringing together our community in a spirit of shared identity and a celebration of its contribution to the diversity of Pendle.

A family fun-day which will celebrate people, environment and culture through music, arts and crafts, food stalls, fun fair rides, community conversations and much more. Most invited artists and food vendors are sourced as local as possible in order to really celebrate Pendle and its people. The festival aims to provide an opportunity for as much interaction between people as possible and this is reflected by the fact that all stalls or given a requirement of having some interactive activity on the day.

Through the year the various organisations that we work with are invited to have some involvement in the festival be it to be part of the planning or help in the delivery of the Festival. This has resulted in collaboration between community organisations, walking groups, musicians and schools.

The Pendle Peace Walk

The Pendle Peace Walk brings people together from different towns, faiths, cultures and social status to walk together in a show of solidarity and unity as citizens of Pendle. This involves two groups of people from our Pendle community who will follow routes along main roads and scenic countryside paths.

One group setting off from Colne Town Centre and the second group from a central base in Brierfield; both Peace Walk groups will converge at the Nelson Shuttle marking the beginning of the Festival of Culture. 

Groups will think of an expression of their identity at the Peace walk, this could be via a dress code, printed t-shirts, sound or banners etc.  The walk normally follows a set theme and we also provide participant groups and organisations with a flag making kit to decorate according to the theme. 

Run by Building Bridges Pendle in collaboration with In-Situ

More details to follow!