Small Bells Ring

A floating library of short stories on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Small Bells Ring invites you aboard The RV Furor Scribendi, a floating library with the UK’s largest collection of short stories.

This fully-functioning canal boat will be moored on the Leeds & Liverpool canal around Accrington until the end of June before wending its way along the UK’s canals to Coventry City of Culture for the summer and then returning to Lancashire in the Autumn.

Small Bells Ring exists in real and digital life with a programme of events for communities along the Canal in East Lancashire. You are invited to take virtual and real tours of the boat, come on board to read or write for the afternoon and as the world slowly begins to unfold again, just drop in to read, day dream and float.

The boat will leave Lancashire this weekend and head to Coventry City of Culture for the summer but be back in October. We’ll be sharing information on when and where you can visit the boat over the Autumn and Winter soon so keep an eye on our social media for more information.

Co-created with the community of Hyndburn, the programme and the boat will be shaped during a process of engagement, working with librarians, library users and the communities who live and work alongside the library and canal. The aesthetic of Small Bells Ring is about attention to detail, the value of local natural materials and vernacular, employing local craftspeople, the intertwining of usefulness and beauty, the understanding of the effect that fine craftsmanship has upon the experience of a space.

The library collection will be curated by the artists, librarians and community members, with steer and advice from the academic community, to ensure it is credible, wide ranging and relevant. It will be the largest collection of short stories in the UK. T This will be become a podcast that can be downloaded. An Instagram page will list the books in the library, and keep people up to date with events, readings and new acquisitions to the library. Small Bells Ring hopes to be a catalyst for reinvigorating libraries through creative change.

“Fiction and poetry are doses, medicines. What they heal is the rupture reality makes on the imagination.” Jeanette Winterson

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