Yes and…

For many young people, creative ideas are often met with a “Yes, but…” Yes and… seeks to provide a positive space for those ideas to be developed.

Yes and… began in response to cuts in provision – the way that art is gradually disappearing from secondary curriculum’s, and the closure of safe spaces to meet outside of school. It is also inspired by the way that young people globally are finding a collective voice to imagine new possibilities.

In-Situ has developed a series of creative opportunities and experiences for young people from across the Pendle area, as a first step to developing new skills, making a difference in their communities and wider, and making new friends. Our aim is that young people have a space where they can comfortably get together to explore their responses to local and global issues.

We have a number of different groups currently meeting around different activities. Groups sessions give a platform to experience and to build their character and understanding of the world and their voice in it.

Young people can develop interpersonal skills, go on trips and visits, meet creative practitioners, learn new skills and we anticipate become a strong and active group with a sense of ethics and responsibility.

All of our sessions are led by a qualified youth worker and a lead artist or creative practitioner. We work in dialogue with schools and families.

Yes and… is a collaboration between In-Situ and Super Slow Way