Art in Manufacturing 2018

Art in Manufacturing, a collaboration between the National Festival of Making and Super Slow Way, pairs artists and makers with manufacturers and domestic artisans; giving artists access to specialist machinery and heritage craft techniques to create work that forms an integral part of the National Festival of Making

Factory innovation, workers’ heritage and creativity combined to produce artwork and performance which was then presented at the National Festival of Making which in 2018, took place on the weekend of the 12th and 13th of May.

Introduced in 2017, the first Art in Manufacturing resulted in the internationally-acclaimed sculptural installation Chromatogram, a collaboration between Manchester-based creative studio, Lazerian and Accrington’s The Cardboard Box Company, and Traysway, the humorous and heart-warming contemporary dance performance by Ruth Jones and bakers from Burnley’s Cherry Tree Bakery.

For the second year of the fascinating and unpredictable Art in Manufacturing it was our great pleasure to reveal the artists and manufacturers, who shared their ideas and inspirations with each other to create six completely new pieces of work. Thanks to all of them for being part of it.