Local Colour

Claire Wellesley-Smith is working at Elmfield Hall to work with the local community and experiment with dyeing techniques that were pioneered at the hall almost 100 years ago.

Local Colour is a new collaboration between Super Slow Way, Bradford-based visual artist Claire Wellesley-Smith, and Community Solutions North West based at Elmfield Hall in Gatty Park Accrington. Elmfield Hall has a rich textile history as the former home of Albert Gatty, an innovator in the Turkey Red dyeing and printing industry during the nineteenth century. A small dyehouse where it is believed he conducted some of his dye research is in the grounds of the park and will form a central part of Claire’s practice.

The project will be using the history of the area to explore connections to people and places through a programme of creative activities beginning January 2017 at a new studio space in Elmfield Hall. If you’re interested in finding out more about this unique area of Accrington or getting involved in the project contact Community Solutions North West on 01254 460080.