Seasonal Rhythms: October news from Gatty Park

10th October 2018

As we head into the Autumn of our second year of the Local Colour residency the group has been considering the rhythms that accompany our project. One of our weekly activities is for each member to share something with the group that they have observed since the last session. Sometimes these observations are related to a building seen or a place visited, but most commonly they are about the weather, or some aspect of the season. The gentle repetition of this weekly observing has become a key part of the way our group works.

Sharing observations

Another central aspect of our project is the dye plant garden created in a community polytunnel behind Elmfield Hall. This also feeds into the seasonal nature of our activities. In our last session we sheltered from heavy rainstorms listening to the drumming of the rain on the polytunnel roof as we put our dye garden to bed for the winter. It’s been a strange growing season and due to the very hot weather during early summer we lost some of our plants. We spent time harvesting our remaining plants, weeding and cutting back our madder bed and clearing space for new planting next Spring. Community Solutions where our residency is based works with wellbeing outcomes for the many people who engage with their services. There is a strong body of evidence that relates to contact with green spaces enhancing personal wellbeing. Our garden offers an opportunity for participants to engage with some outdoor activity, growing the colour and materials for our studio-based work.

Final madder harvest

Ready for replanting next spring

As we move into the colder months of the year the group has been planning our activities. We’ll be working with the fabrics we dyed this summer, particularly our madder-dyed red materials. These will be used as part of a display of work connected to the centenary of the Armistice at commemoration events at Elmfield Hall on Sunday 11th November.

Read more about Claire’s project at Gatty Park on the Project page here and watch the film below.