Pocket Park – Church

A little oasis along the canal, developed by artist Rebecca Chesney and members of the community.

As part of the Super Slow Way Linear Park pilot project, artist Rebecca Chesney and members of the community cleared, replanted and tended to this little park to make it a more pleasant place to stop, have a rest, take a breath or have a brew, a little oasis along the canal. 

Rebecca and the group reintroduced more wildflowers to the Pocket Park, which will provide varied forage for pollinators: bees, butterflies, moths, ladybirds, beetles, dragonflies and damselflies. This will eventually also encourage more birds to visit. Flowers such as clover, buttercup, oxeye daisy, selfheal, knapweed, foxglove, cowslip, birdsfoot trefoil and yarrow were planted in the Pocket Park, along with rowan and wild cherry trees which will all provide forage for insects and a patchwork of colour.

If you’d like to know more or get involved with caring for the park in future please get in touch with zara@superslowway.org.uk.

You’ll find the Pocket Park by the Leeds & Liverpool Canal in Church (next to: Best Pneumatic Systems & Vending, Bridge St, Church, Accrington BB5 4HU)

The Pennine Lancashire Linear Park pilot project is funded by the UK Government via the UK Community Renewal Fund

You can now read Rebecca Chesney’s full Pocket Park Report here.