British Textile Biennial

The British Textile Biennial 2019 threw a spotlight on the nation’s creativity, innovation, and expression in textiles against the backdrop of the impressive infrastructure of the cotton industry in Pennine Lancashire.

Attended by over 54,000 people throughout October 2019 we brought artists, communities, and audiences together to explore fabric as a means of expression; exploring textiles as a vehicle for protest and cultural identity in installations, performances, and artworks that took a dynamic look at our relationship with that most basic and ancient of human creations, cloth.

In 2021 we explore the global nature of textiles and textile production and the relationships it creates both historically and now, particularly through fast fashion. We look at how it has driven migration and how, in turn, migration and colonisation has influenced the development of textiles over the centuries and continues to do so. Once again British Textile Biennial invites artists to co-create with the communities that live here, often using the spaces that the textile industry created to present the results.

The British Textile Biennial 2021 will run from 1 – 31st October – to find out a bit more about next years programme go to For more information sign up to our mailing list.

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