Jamie Holman’s Live the Dream banner at Lancashire Encounters this weekend.

20th September 2018

Jamie Holman’s beautiful ‘Live the Dream banner will be paraded this Sunday as part of Lancashire Encounter’s Red Dream Parade.

Jamie together with Durham Banner Makers, has created a banner inspired by collections in The Harris and Blackburn Museum. The banner references the famous “Live the dream” rave that took place on 16 September 1989 in Blackburn; almost exactly thirty years to the day of the Lancashire Encounter Festival. Jamie uses images of an empty mill, the logo from Blackburn Hacienda and quotes “Dark Satanic Mills” from William Blake. The word “Hope” also bears reference to the film High on Hope and the unity proposed in the union and guild banners in the museum collections. The word “Joy” is also quoted on the banner, referencing acid house, William Blake’s “The Dance of Albion” and the unity of communities coming together under a banner.

The banner will be paraded by silent disco participants dancing to a Jamie’s ‘Live the Dream’ playlist – have a listen here

  1. Voodo Ray
    A Guy Called Gerald
  2. DJ Pierre
    ‘Box Energy’
    (from Acid Trax Vol. 2, 1988)
  3. Sleezy D
    ‘I’ve Lost Control’
    (Trax, 1986)
  4. Armando
    ‘Confusion’s Revenge’
    (from Acid House, Jack Trax 1988)
  5. Bam Bam
    ‘Where’s Your Child’
    (Desire, 1988)
  6. Charles B
    ‘Lack of Love’
    (Desire, 1988)
  7.  Mr Fingers
    ‘Acid Attack’
    (Desire, 1988)
  8. 808 State
    ‘Flow Coma’
    (from Newbuild, Creed 1988)
  9. Coming Down Band
    ‘Slow Mo Acid’
    (from Acid Trax Vol. 3, Needle 1988)
  10. K. Alexi
    (from All for Lee Sah, Transmat 1989)
  11. Code 3
    ‘Code-of-Acid (Code of Acid Mix’
    (International Latin House, 1989)

Jamie will also be at The Harris, on Saturday with Alan Altum a folklore artist who will be dressed up for the occasion, using a Roland 303 – a sound machine used by acid ravers – he will bring new levels to the piece.