British Textile Biennial

3rd October - 3rd November 2019

Following a successful pilot in 2017, Super Slow Way is excited to announce the launch of the British Textile Biennial in Autumn 2019.

The British Textile Biennial 2019 invites artists, designers and makers to explore the politics of cloth in performances, artworks and events across Pennine Lancashire against the backdrop of the impressive infrastructure that supported the cotton industry; from Blackburn Cotton Exchange to Brierfield Mill in Pendle, from Mr. Gatty’s Experiment Shed in Accrington to the world-class textile collection at Gawthorpe Hall in Burnley, all following the great waterway that supported it, the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

This area sat at the epicentre of a new globalised textile industry in the 19th century, spinning a complex web around the world, trapping millions of people in its snare over the ensuing centuries. British Textile Biennial 2019 explores that web, which is yet more complex and inescapable today, crossing continents and permeating our personal and public lives.

Whether showing textiles as a vehicle for protest and cultural expression/identity such as slogan-emblazoned T-shirts, football fashion and traditional union and demo banners, or commissioning performances and new works that trace the routes and roots of colonialism to their impact an on world trade and economies today via the globalised textile industries, the programme takes a dynamic and critical look at our relationship with that most basic and ancient of human creations, cloth.

Full programme details to be announced in April 2019. To keep up to date with British Textile Biennial news sign up to our mailing list here.