Super Slow Way work with communities along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal exploring how radical and ambitious art programming by the people of Pennine Lancashire working alongside a wide range of artists can develop creativity, strength and connectedness across and within communities.

Current Projects

Homegrown, Homespun

A ground-breaking regenerative fashion project

Textile Talking

Sewing and storytelling sessions with women across East Lancashire

Small Bells Ring

A floating library of short stories on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Rebecca Chesney Linear Park Residency

Walk The Super Slow Way with Rebecca Chesney


A space for conversations and exploration

Yes and…

For many young people, creative ideas are often met with a “Yes, but…” Yes and… seeks to provide a positive space for those ideas to be developed.

Past Projects


To Blackburn's Acid House Parties

Local Colour 2019

Claire Wellesley-Smith worked with the local community at Elmfield Hall, and experimented with dyeing techniques that were pioneered at the hall almost 100 years ago.

Art in Manufacturing 2019

Artists collaborate with industry for a third time as five artists meet five manufacturers for The National Festival of Making’s unpredictable, collaborative art commissioning series

Jamie Holman: Live The Dream

Through out 2018 and 2019 we will be working with Blackburn based artist Jamie Holman on a co-commission with Lancashire Encounters Festival

Our Textile Town

Join us for FREE family textile workshops inspired by Padiham's world-class Gawthorpe Textiles Collection


An interactive light work for the Cotton Exchange in Blackburn.