The Circle and The Square to be shown at the Sydney Biennale

7th February 2018

The Circle and The Square, Suzanne Lacy's work made with the residents of Pendle to be shown as part of the Sydney Biennale

Suzanne Lacy’s work The Circle and The Square, made with the residents of Pendle, will be shown as part of the Sydney Biennale next month.

The Circle and the Square was the result of our two-year project, ‘Shapes of Water, Sounds of Hope’ with the people of Pendle, particularly residents of Brierfield and Nelson, produced by local organisations; In-Situ, the Free Spiritual Centre, Building Bridges Pendle and Pendle and Brierfield Action in the Community.

It culminated in a three-day production in September 2016 when the former Brierfield Mill was once again open to the community. Local volunteers led events including tours of the mill, filmed interviews, a mill-workers’ reunion tea and a banquet for 500 people in the mill.

The community led Dhikr chanting and Shape Note singing which was filmed to be presented as part of the installation, ‘The Circle and The Square.’   The four-part video and text installation will be introduced to the public on Cockatoo Island the former convict settlement and shipyard and the largest island in Sydney Harbour now a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Sydney Biennale runs from 16 March until 11 June 2018.