Talk to Us – Community Conversations

6th October 2020

Invitation to focus groups

The Canal & River Trust with local partners Super Slow Way, In-Situ and Building Bridges Pendle are working together to secure funding for a project in Nelson and Brierfield to start to remedy the impact COVID-19 has had on the community.

For the project to work best, we want it to be designed and delivered by local people, as local residents understand what’s needed in their communities better than anyone.  That’s where you come in: we want to work with you to assess some key local problems, come up with some realistic solutions and then work with you to deliver them, assuming we are successful with funding in 2021.

This project is part of a wider set of initiatives we are developing locally, and we are conscious that we cannot solve all of the areas problems in one go.  So we want you to help us develop short, medium and long term solutions.

We are inviting residents of Nelson and Brierfield  (ideally who live within 1 km of the canal) to take part in all stages of this process. Some people may want to just feed into the focus groups initially and some people may want and have the time to be involved at all stages which is also great.

The first stage was the survey that many of you have completed (thank you!) This was circulated via social media, email and direct contact across Nelson and Brierfield in September. You can see the survey here.

We are now inviting people to join us either for focus groups or one to one conversations to discuss the survey findings as a representative group from the community to prioritise the problems by agreeing which might be addressed in the short, medium or long term; and then agreeing which groups these problems are affecting the most.

If you’d be happy to chat to us either over the phone, online or face to face (socially distanced in a family group) please either send us an email to or give us a call on 07922 487950 and speak to our Community Liaison Manager Uzma Raziq.

We are also holding some sessions in Nelson on Saturday 17th October these will be face to face and for individuals or family groups due to current COVID-19 restrictions. If you’d like to come along and have your say, please get in touch.

We hope you’ll get involved!