shifting loyalties

11th November 2016

idle women are holding an informal residential gathering for women in December, with special invited guest speakers.



With Sarah Browne, Beatrix Campbell, Silvia Federici, Rahila Gupta, Claire Heuchan, Jesse Jones, Boseda Olawoye and Karen Mirza.

8-12 December, Coldwell Activity Centre

To mark the first year of idle women (on the water) – an organisation which creates contemporary art with women – Rachel Anderson and Cis O’Boyle are holding a residential gathering in December near Pendle Hill, famous for its seventeenth century witch trials, upon which the areas present day identity is founded.

shifting loyalties is an informal residential conference organised in collaboration with renowned feminist writer Silvia Federici author of Caliban and the Witch, a history of the body in the transition to capitalism.

idle women invites women from arts and voluntary sector organisations to participate in and contribute to shifting loyalties, a space to hold critical conversations, build connections and friendships, examine histories and envision a different future.

Subjects under discussion include the original purpose of the witch hunts and their implications today – domestic and global violence against women, media representation, intersectional feminism, global womens resistance, reproductive rights and womens creative and political voice.

shifting loyalties presents the UK launch of Federici’s new global digital initiative co-ordinating research into historical and contemporary witch hunts taking place around the world; writers Gupta and Campbell will discuss their new book-in-progress  why doesn’t patriarchy die?; Gupta also shares news of Rojava, the current womens revolution on the border of Syria and Turkey; artists Jones and Browne lead a conversation about the colonised Irish state in relation to women’s bodies, reproductive rights and the home; Olawaye shares  personal and political issues raised through her recent activist experiences; Heuchan discusses race and the feminist movement in the digital age; and artist Mirza offers radical craft making activities.

The formal talks for shifting loyalties are intended as a platform for developing further discussions and contributions from those attending.

Other contributions from women attending include a Wiki workshop on direct action using digital media, a talk on forgotten lesbian histories, a play reading about the Witches of Pendle,  refugee direct action and networks, DIY yoga, screenings of documentaries Born in Flames (1983, dr. Lizzie Borden), Pray the Devil Back to Hell (2008, dr.Gini Reticker) and films brought by participants, bonfires and local walks.

8-12th December 

Coldwell Activity Centre
BB10 3RD

Tickets for the whole programme inclusive of meals and accommodation: £160.00
Subject to availability, free places may be offered to women from voluntary sector organisations/networks.

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