The Gossip

8th September 2015

We are calling out to the fugitives, the witches, wise women, dakus and dreamers.

7pm Sunday 27 September to 7am Monday 28 September

The Gossip is a time in a particular moment in which to gather, meet and exchange stories about women’s bodies as sites of resistance.
Mining our deepest ancestral memories we draw from the first women to resist the early construction of capitalism and dive below the recent feminist movements to an older physical and guttural response, drawing on an ancestral strength and context to the struggles we face today.

My name is Daku Rani, Bandit, Fugitive, Witch, Hex, Dreamer.
I need a revolution, I don’t know what it looks like, I can feel that it is a time for me to claim and understand my power. To draw on those women who have come before me, and will come after me. Where do I start with a task that stretches forwards and backwards in time. I start here – in this moment.

This invitation for us to gather at the edge of the day, under the blanket of the night and the glow of the harvest blood moon. Suspicions are reactivated of the historical persecutions of witch hunts which served to destroy communal relationships, forwarded the privatisation of land, the privatisation of life, of social reproduction and served the destruction of the commons.
Women are invited to stay overnight… We are calling out to the fugitives, the witches, wise women, dakus and dreamers.

You are invited to join us in creating a Gossip in the heart of Pendle, Lancashire from sundown, 7pm Sunday 27 September to sunrise, 7am on Monday 28 September.

This is a women only event, all women are welcome. Places are free but limited, to express your interest in attending please email before 20 September.

Details of the location and a free local/station mini bus will be released to women who register in advance. Women will need warm, waterproof clothing and footwear, as part of this event will be outdoors. Disabled women are welcome and assistance is possible by arrangement.