You OK?

21st May 2020

Tina Dempsey wants to hear from you!

Some people seem to be loving the lockdown, others are hating it, some are frightened and many tell me they’re just so bored! How are you doing? You ok?

If you live in #Burnley and are aged between 14-25 I’d really like to hear how the lockdown experience is for you? The reason I’m asking is that I would like you to be part of a public art project that I’m working on with young people in the town called Generation Change.

I’m Tina Dempsey by the way, I’m a visual artist from Blackpool and my work is all about exploring our wellbeing, what makes us feel happy, what we find difficult to cope with and how art can support and nurture us.

The Generation Change project is all about giving young people in Burnley a voice, letting you have your say and working with an artist, me, to form your words into an artwork that will be seen all around the town and maybe beyond?!

If you want to take part all you need to do is get in touch with me to say how you’re feeling during the lockdown. You can tell me as little or as much as you like, what’s good, bad & in between, what’s annoying you, what’s frightening you, what’s comforting you? Your words will be then be used to develop the finished artwork. Here are a few examples of things people have sent me;

‘All I’ve done is lie down & eat!’

‘I’m trying really hard not to cry’

‘I’ve made up a game called ‘Lost Object Hunt’. The aim of the game is to recreate the feeling of joy when you find something that you thought was lost!’

Please know that anything sent to me is completely confidential and no names will be shown.

If you want to take part you can DM me on Instagram @tinadempseyartist or you can send your words to @blazearts_ or @superslowway or email me at

If you are under 18 please ask for your parents/guardians’ permission before writing in.

We’re not sure yet what the finished artwork will be yet keep your eye on the @generationchangeburnley & @tinadempseyartist Instagram pages for updates and please feel free to share this call out with friends & family.