Article – The Double Negative

18th August 2017

Shapes of Water Sounds of Hope

” With American artist Suzanne Lacy’s epic new artwork due to premiere in September at the old Lancastrian mill where it was filmed, Jack Welsh takes us back nearly 12 months to recall its complex production. There to document the process, Welsh met Lacy and the many other people involved — including Sufi chanters and Shape Note singers, and the commissioning organisations who insisted that great art could happen in Pennine Lancashire…” read more


Picture Credit Charlotte Graham / Guzelian Picture Shows, SUZANNE LACY’S SHAPES OF WATER, SOUNDS OF HOPE Major mass participation artwork taking place in the former Smith and Nephew Mill in Brierfield, Lancashire, UK. The culmination of US artist Suzanne Lacy’s 18 months commission, Shapes of Water, Sounds of Hope for Super Slow Way, saw hundreds of voices resonate in a former cotton mill in Lancashire. This was followed by a conversation over dinner for 500 local people about the future of the region after deindustrialisation and the importance of community cohesion, representing a much needed national conversation and the largest gathering in the mill since its doors were closed. Picture Taken Saturday 1st 2016

Picture Credit Charlotte Graham / Guzelian

Take a look at this fantastic article all about the Suzanne Lacy – Shapes of Water Sounds of Hope project we have been working on. Then come and see the final work at Brierfield Mill – The Circle and the Square, as part of our Fabrications Textile Festival from the 14th to the 23rd September.