We’re looking for volunteers!

19th July 2018

Volunteers needed for Burnley Canal Festival.

Burnley Canal Festival is just a month away and we’re recruiting volunteers to help make the festival go with a swing!

There are a huge range of ways to get involved from assisting artists to welcoming boaters, making cups of tea and collecting postcodes. Any of you whom have been to previous festivals will know it is always a lively family event and great fun to be part of!

Whether you can spend a couple of hours, a couple of days or more, there are ways you can help the Festival be a great event.  You can, of course, also enjoy the performances and activities.  All help, at whatever level will be much appreciated.  Brews and biscuits will be available to all.  A (£5) meal voucher (per day) to use at one of the Festival food stalls is available for those working at least 2 hours on Saturday or Sunday, or on tasks in the lead up to the Festival.

Pre Festival

– Assist artists running community banner workshops

– Distributing leaflets/programmes/posters

– Around own neighbourhoods

– Burnley Town Centre

– Burnley Libraries, community and youth centres

– Churches and mosques

– Helping set up on Friday 24th– putting up signs in car parks etc.


– Working with Towpath Explorers – would need to be available for full days (preferably both) from 10.30am to 5pm – need to be comfortable with interacting with visitors, helping them to solve clues etc.  playing a part that will be discussed in advance. Happy to be dressed up!

– Working with Towpath Explorers – for those who feel less comfortable about the interaction element, the Explorers will need a ‘runner’ who will pass messages between the performers, fetch drinks, help man the Explorer HQ

– Welcoming visitors – handing out programmes and directing people to timed performances

– Collecting postcodes from visitors

– Helping to look after workshop artists – fetching drinks etc.

– Water taxi – assisting with the process of getting visitors off/on the boat (not physically); managing the queue, talking with visitors as they wait

– Cleaning up – during the event and at the end of each day

– Taking a slot at manning the Festival (MPA’s) office – keeping space secure, letting in artists to make brews, use loo, change etc. (Great option for those who might find being on their feet for too long a problem.)

– Distributing leaflets in town centre and encourage people to visit the Festival

– Bucket collection for donations

Sunday Night

– Helping to de-rig set dressing – flags, banners etc.

– Cleaning rubbish from sites

– Assisting with taking down/carrying gazebos etc.

– Taking down banners and signage

If you’d be interested in getting involved please contact uzma@superslowway.org.uk for more information.

Look forward to seeing you there!